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Jerry McElligott

Meet Jerry!    Jerry has been in business for a long time and has been very successful.  He decided to get into the bar and grill business.  When the opportunity came, he jumped on it.   He loves people and great food (and an occasional drink as well). So with those qualities, he was a perfect fit to run a tavern.   After a few months, the Hidden Creek has slowly emerged as one of the favorite place to eat and drink in Monroe County.   His daughter Sam has also involved herself in the place helping out once in a while.   They wanted to establish a great place for family and friends to go.   They have succeeded in that.    Come on down and say hi when you get there!

At the Creek, we are all friends who haven't meet yet

The Hidden Creek has a great atmosphere and a place where you can go and have a conversation with your family and friends.   And while you are doing that, you are enjoying some great food and great drink specials.

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